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The "Lion Moms" ... Reel or Real?

KiasuParents rejoice! Lion Moms - the upcoming Channel 5 drama serial that celebrates the unique parenting styles of Singaporean parents - is a die-die must watch show for all of us. The show highlights the hopes and aspirations of Singaporean mothers, and how they would bare their claws to protect and nurture their young cubs and build the perfect family.  It mirrors the real day-to-day challenges mothers face today on the tiny red dot that we call home.


A first-timer’s guide to an enjoyable KidZania outing

After spending two full days at KidZania, my family picked up quite a number of useful tips which we would like to share with other parents. Here are some ways you can make your trip to KidZania more enjoyable and expect to earn more KidZos at the centre.


Taking an Adult Job for a Day at KidZania

Parents who are constantly looking for places to bring your kids to spend time with, be on a look out for the upcoming KidZania which is an indoor family edutainment (education and entertainment) centre at Sentosa. KidZania will be in Singapore by the end of 2015 at Sentosa Palawan beach. Though KidZania is new in Singapore, it is already well established in 20 other locations around the world such as Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok, Seoul and Tokyo. It was first started in Mexico in 1999 and has been the leading edutainment centre in the countries that they have their centres in.