The Great Egg-Venture

Come celebrate Easter at the Sentosa HarbourFront with your families and friends from 18 April to 11 May 2014, and be intrigued by the galore of Easter-themed activities and promotions. It will be Singapore’s grandest Easter Fiesta yet!


Easter Fun For Kids at Times Centrepoint

Exotic Turkey

There’s no better time to discover Turkey, a captivating country that shares its border with both Europe and Asia. Changi Airport is proud to bring you an exciting line-up of events – from our fun kiddy rides at the Horse Riding Town to our interactive exhibition and lucky draw contest.


Invitation to Stamford Education Little Genius Open House

Free Phonics, Mathematics & IQ Trail Class / Assessments  for children 18 months to 8 years !

The Only School in Singapore that daringly publishes HUNDREDS of students GUARATEED IMPROVEMENT on its website.


Kids Falling Sick Because Of Changing Weather?

The Singapore weather, with blazing sunshine one day and thundery showers the next, is often blamed for causing our children to fall sick. The truth is, coughs and colds are brought on by bacteria and viruses, and not because our kids were mucking about in the rain or playing in the hot sun.


The Importance of Reading by Adrian Kuek, Mind Stretcher Special Curriculum Director

Proficiency in English (or for that matter, any language) is generally measured in two aspects – speech and reading/writing.

In Singapore, children are exposed to speaking English from an early age. However, the development of a child’s spoken English ability hinges on the language proficiency of people he or she interacts with. Although English is commonly used, we have to accept that it is not the native language of most people here and that the use of “Singlish” is more prevalent than we would like to admit.


Stand to be the next Ultimate Family Champion!

Ready, get set, play! If you and your family are game for an adrenaline-pumping challenge, take part in the U Family Ultimate Play and stand to be the next Ultimate Family Champion!

Where: Angsana Green, East Coast Park
When: 22 March 2014, 2:30pm to 6:30pm
Challenge Fees: $20 (NTUC member), $40 (public) – per family team of 3-5, inclusive of an Ultimate Play Race Pack


How to Have Fun and Still Ace the Exams

​Wallace and I started a project in July. We thought we could help students in our spare time and the most efficient way was to contribute to the Kiasu Parents forum. We had been posting under the moniker PSLEguru for the past six months and were also helping students with questions on our Facebook page here.