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June Holiday Cheat Sheet for Kiasu Parents: Part 1

After going through weeks of stressful preparation for exams, parents will surely be looking at plans to help the entire family de-stress. Here are some ideas we’ve put together to reward our children during the mid-year holidays so that they have something to look forward to after their exams.


Enrichment Magazines for Every Primary School Subject

Requests for school materials to be bought tend to flood in most at the start of the school year. Every flyer promoting a particular resource might appear like it’s a must have! Here, we introduce you to some enrichment magazines that can be a supplementary resource for the core subject and the common ones that parents subscribe to.


Student Care Centres with Learning Support

Choosing a student care centre with learning intervention could be an option for parents who are looking into getting both accommodation and specialised professional help for their children with learning difficulties.