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Facing Up to the Threat of Bullying

Name calling, mocking others, posting negative comments online – these are common tactics resorted by bullies and unfortunately, we’re referring to kids who ‘terrorize’ others, not adults.

A report presented by the Singapore Children’s Society  indicates that one in five primary school children have experienced some sort of bullying in school, mostly among classmates and between students of the same gender.


2014 P1 Registration Phase 2C(S)


Phase 2C Supplementary

For a child who is not yet registered in a primary school after Phase 2C

Announcement of Results:

By Tuesday, 19 August 2014 Analysis (Final Update 13 Aug 2014):


Making Your Own Yogurt

Homemade yogurt has no preservatives, no added sugar, and if u prefer, low-fat too.  There may be many other ways of making this oldest, most popular fermented food, but this is my easy, agarated way.