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2015 P1 Registration Balloting Risk


We have updated the balloting risk for each school for the 2015 Primary One Registration Exercise.  This is based on the historical applications and balloting events that happened in the schools for the last 9 years.  The table also reflects the most popular schools in Singapore.

2015 P1 Registration Phase 1


For a child who has a sibling studying in the primary school of choice.

Update: 1 July 2015 (List of schools with cuts in places)

Once again, many parents have to gear up for the most nail-biting experience of the year... the Primary One Registration.  Parents with children already in Primary schools can relax, as they will get to enjoy absolute priority in Phase 1 of the Registration exercise, which starts tomorrow 2 July 2015.  This is, of course, assuming they are registering their child in the same school as his/her siblings.

For many other parents who do not enjoy such priority, it is important to start planning your registration strategy by understanding the competition for the schools that you desire. 


Parents' Preferred Primary School

It's the period for Primary 1 registration again and parents with children starting primary school next year are stressed and monitoring closely if their child can successfully get into their preferred school.

My husband and I have been monitoring the registration for Primary 1 since our child was born five years ago. My hubby will monitor the results of the different phases and try to predict the results for the following year to understand the trend and ensure that we manage to get our elder child into our preferred primary school without any hiccups.